Chapter 2 Learning Log

Updated: Feb 7

After reading chapter 2 of This Is Disciplinary Literacy, I was able to identify many things I have experienced within my educational journey and many strategies I would have loved to experience, but now hope to incorporate, in my own classroom. Lent (2016) explained how a teacher, Katherine Schmitt, had students write “shelf talkers” which was basically giving a review on the books they’ve read, so others can have a look at the book recommendations of their peers. I would have enjoyed having this in my educational journey, as I recall having a similar book review project but was only done once as a presentation in my freshman year of high school. All of my classmates had enjoyed this project, so I can just imagine how exciting and fulfilling it would have been to do this as a school-wide thing.

Lent (2016) also mentioned how teachers tend to do red-robin reading, as a form to check if students are focused. However, this results in the opposite of what the teacher wants and creates anxiety among the students. Thus, I wonder why many teachers still currently do this, as it can easily trigger students and lead them to be distracted.

Lent (2016) states, “reading visually is a skill that should be taught in every discipline” (p. 44). I absolutely agree with this statement. As I have been doing my practicum for a few weeks already, I have noticed kindergarten kids being taught how to read photographs regarding weather in science and observing the pictures of a picture book in relation to how it correlates to the text in reading. Students are being taught to think critically and find the meaning of visuals, which is incredibly important for students to build since an early age, in order to have deep and complex analytical skills once they are older.

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