Chapter 2 Jose Sanchez

Updated: Feb 7

Chapter 2, Reading within the discipline will help students understand how reading works and how it can vary depending on the context and purpose of the text. It shows students how experts in their field read texts by showing them how. Instead of focusing on reading a textbook, introduce students to different types of texts related to the discipline. It challenges students’ literacy perception by discussing how discipline experts read and write. Getting students to read in every field is the key to making learning relevant. This can be done using various resources and regularly printing books and articles, such as reading to students from any discipline with blogs or journals. Doing so helps them gain a better understanding of the topic. Charts and photographs help students understand how visuals are used in different academic disciplines. They also learn how to create compelling visuals that are accurate and memorable. Blogs are also tools to help students connect with others in their field of study. They can also help them develop their own voice. Capturing the complexity of text can be challenging, so implementing a collaboration strategy can help close reading sessions. The goal of close reading is to focus on the meaning of the text and make it more complex. For instance, ask students to skim the first section before going through the rest of the text. Doing so helps students get used to the concept of the text and allows them to collaborate on finding meaning.

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