ch.2 Reading within Literacy

After reading chapter 2 of This Is Disciplinary Literacy I was able to get a better understanding of how the student read with this disciplines and how their is many different strategy that the teacher can use to help the student get a better understanding . it important that students are relevant and important this will help student relate more to what they are reading and stay engaged.I didn't know how much discipline affected education or that it could have such a big impact in the class or different subjects taught in class. The focus on disciplinary literacy goes beyond reading strategies, which are generic in nature and aim to help the student comprehend general text. Disciplinary literacy is grounded in inquiry and emphasizes how students use the knowledge they are learning as a tool to participate in work within discipline (Shanahan & shanahan, 2012). Also through the reading the chapter there is also different discipline that are used for different subjects such as reading within science, reading within math, Reading within social studies and reading within ELA.

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