Blog Post Three - Vocabulary Development

Helping students develop vocabulary is not an easy job. What works for one student may not work for another. It is important that as teachers we have different strategies at hand to support the learning process of students. Some of the foundational strategies to building vocabulary are context clues, breaking the word up, and total physical response. These are strategies that can be used from early ages and for the rest of your life. These three options should work for most students. Anyhow, there is room for creativity and differentiation, as keeping students engaged is another aspect to teaching vocabulary.

One strategy that I really like is the scavenger hunt activity. The objective is to look around the room for other cards related to the vocabulary word such as definitions, antonyms and so on. Students will have a graphic organizer to track what they have found.

Another strategy that I liked was bingo. When tying this to vocabulary, the student will each get a bingo sheet. However, the difference with this version is that the teacher will call out cards related to the vocabulary words just as in the scavenger hunt activity.

One more strategy is pictionary. In this activity, the class will be put into two groups. Each team will guess the same vocabulary word based on what the person in their groups draws. The first to guess right, wins the round. This can go for as many rounds as needed.

As a class, we can try out different strategies throughout the year to see what students like best and what benefits them the most. It is great as these strategies can be used across content areas to build the foundational language for students.

I found these on the MyHeritage document link.

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