Alisha Ramos - Introduction

Updated: Feb 7

Hello all,

My name is Alisha Ramos and I am from Tricities (Pasco) Washington. I was born and raised here my whole life. I graduated from Chiawana High School in 2020, went to Eastern Washington University for a year and now I am transferred here to Heritage to finish my BAE next year. I currently work as a full-time Bilingual Tutor at Pasco High School while also running a small business on the side. On my free time I enjoy spending it with my family, playing/watching sports, as well as traveling and eating lots of food (why lie) I hope that after I graduate next year that I can also get into a masters program that will certify me to be a secondary counselor. This will help me keep my career options open while being in the education field. I as a first generation student wished that throughout my k-12 experience had someone that I could relate to and lean on when I needed help, especially in high school trying to figure out the college process and what everything meant since my parents knew nothing about it. I hope that as a future Latina educator I can empower and provide lots of help and resources to my future students and guide them in the right way so that they can have a successful future.

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