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Updated: Feb 7

What I found interesting while reading the articles on Edutopia was that service learning is part of project-based learning (PBL) and that factor distinguishes it from just being community service. Something I still wonder about service learning is how would this be integrated into a younger demographic of students? There were examples given within the article “What the Heck Is Service Learning?”, on how students could go about service learning such as for the purpose of advocacy, research-based, face-to-face issues, or broader issues (Wolpert-Gawron, 2016). I can instantly think about ideas for around 4th grade to upper-level high school projects, however, I am a bit confused about how this could work for kindergartners.

Moreover in the article “Creating Classrooms for Social Justice”, Dell’ Angelo (2014) stated, as an educator “it is important to choose topics…you can be pedagogically neutral”. This made me wonder if teachers have to avoid a bias in every single topic and only enable students to create their own perceptions and beliefs about topics being discussed. Viewing the video “Building a Culture of Kindness With a Day of Service”, there were a variety of student projects presented, and through the comments made by students in the video I could agree that as students took action on bettering their community, can they truly see the potential they had of making a difference. They genuinely looked happy and were simultaneously learning, which I think is one of the best goals an educator can provide to their students.

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